Pet Rescue Saga Cheats and Tips

Pet Rescue Saga – best puzzle time killer

Warning! This game is addicting! Enjoy puzzling fun with cute pets for free!

You have surely already tried or heard about the super Saga games and Pet Rescue Saga is one of the games continuing your adventures through captivating puzzle levels. It has over 1.5 million downloads from Google Play and hits the record of 150 million downloads from iTunes. Its simple gameplay, stunning eye catching and bright graphics, cute pets and hundreds of captivating levels will completely absorb you. Let us pick the game to pieces!


first image pet rescue sagaOn starting the game you appear in a wonderland inhabited with cute happy pets. But someone hunts these cuties and put traps for lovely pets. You main goal is to rescue all the pets in troubles. Starting a level you appear on a puzzle board filled with color blocks and pets. You need to get all the pets down by matching two or more cubes of the same color to bust them and thus move a pet down. Beware! The moves in each level are limited so you need to plan all your moves very carefully thinking two moves ahead. Some levels are just impossible to pass without special tools which are given to you with your progress in game. The magic tools will help you to clear out the board faster and rescue all the pets in the level in few moves. Every level is limited in time, so you should not only think good, but think fast on every move and every next step.

The game is completely free to download from any mobile store (Google Play or iTunes) and is free to play. However some additional tools, moves and lives may require payment. The first tip for you is being successful in the game will provide you enough moves, lives and additional tools to progress in the game.

The next tip on how to save your costs and play Pet Rescue Saga completely free is your lives, moves and magic tools will be restored after a few days break. It means that if you will not play the game for several days, then on turning back in the Pet Rescue Saga you will be greeted with extra bonuses. Moreover we post the tips and cheats for every level of Pet Rescue Saga in video format, so you will see how to complete each level successfully with the highest score or you can just use these tips to mastermind your own way of level completion.

Do not care about single block or cube or even about a row of blocks with no pets in it. You will score better but will nevertheless lose in the level as the main mission to rescue all the pets will not be completed.

The game developer has taken great care about your lives in the game by letting you accept additional lives from your game friends. When someone will give you an extra life you will get a message. Do not accept additional lives when your lives are full as in this case you will add nothing. Use extra lives from your friends when you are really out of lives.

Another useful tip for you as an amateur player of Pet Rescue Saga is paying great attention to the objectives of every level. You can miss some additional tasks put to you on the beginning of the level and even having rescued all the pets the mission of the level still will not be completed.

Use color busting tools only when you really need them. Most levels are easy to complete without extra tools so think wisely.


Pet Rescue Saga is developed for mobile phones and tablets run on the most popular mobile operating systems. The game is free to download. You can easily get it from official website or from mobile app stores. Moreover you are recommended to track the reviews and feedbacks of fans and game players as they constantly posting reviews about bugs in the game and their critical reviews are taken into consideration by the developer. Thus the game gets constant updates and bugs are fixed with new engaging levels added providing puzzle fun nonstop.

Fan groups

Probably Pet Rescue Saga is one of the most popular mobile games on the web with millions of fans globally. It has great fan communities on social networks besides many addicted games have started their own blogs devoted to the game in which they describe the levels, their successes and give tips, cheats and recommendations on how to pass each level. Following our website you will get a chance not only to find out the secrets of passing every puzzle level, but you will be able to watch step by step tutorials on how to pass every level, how to add more lives, moves and bonuses which are rather helpful in the game.

Follow our blog and get the hottest videos on completing the levels of Pet Rescue Saga completely free. We tried hard to create a complete source of tips and hints and cheats on the game to make you a super player and super rescuer.

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